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  2. Karam ft. Jay Hands

  8. "You’re breaking up, I can barely hear you guys!!"

    "Be careful out there, Karam."

    "I’ll be okay, Jay! Christ!" ¬†He nervously adjusts his headset.

    "Bear in mind that those creatures are able to see you even though you are unable to see them." ¬†Hyunmin was right, but he was experienced. You could say he’s the best of their team.

    "I don’t wanna see what happened to Mika happen to you. I can’t lose my bestie."

    "I said cool it, Injun! You’re not going to lose me!"

    Their fears stemmed from when Mika awoke unexpectedly during an endeavor; there was no retrieving him and all but one of them was able to come to terms with it in the end.

    Even though he couldn’t recognize his surroundings something told him that his other half knew more than it let on. There was something terrible about this place and everyone felt it in their circuits.

    Karam considered the readings on his corneal HUD. His level continued to flicker down from a near-constant 97 amps. He chose not to tell the others even though it surely meant his time was nearer than they all thought.

  9. Karam x Food is my OTP part 92891727

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  13. 131221 The Boss at Lotte World Karam Focus “Sad Story” (via)


  14. Karam has been cast in a drama set for 2014.

    I don’t know anything else but you guys will know when I do.