1. Let’s discuss allkpop’s (and CEO Johnny’s) attitude.

    The first Kcon was this year, and admittedly, it didn’t go as well as it could have.  What’s allkpop’s CEO’s professional comment on the event?

    It’s actually the one shown in the screenshot above, retweeted onto allkpop’s account.  The tweet was made by the CEO himself.

    In addition to this, in the past allkpop has spread tons of misinformation due to carelessness and treats rumors as factual news.

    They have also blocked the personal twitter accounts of at least one of Koreaboo’s main writers from viewing @allkpop when she did nothing to deserve it.

    The general opinion is that Kcon didn’t go that well, and I’m pretty sure no one will disagree if you bring it up.  It was out of line and unprofessional of allkpop to act in such a manner, but it seems like professionalism, maturity, and respect are three words that are nonexistent from their dictionary.

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