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     Yesterday I received a lot of messages on my deviantart page, congratulating me for “winning” a 2NE1 fanart contest. Since I never submitted this to any kind of contest, took me sometime to understand what was going on. After some research I found out that someone won this fanart contest posting my work but after cropped my signature off from the original piece.

    -Here’s my original artwork, posted  in 2011 on Deviantart:http://adrianamelo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d48tcz3

    -The one he subimit to the contest:http://yfrog.com/0t04szj

     That person keep saying he didn’t stole anything, but he never contact me previously about the artwork, never mentioned it belonged to someone else and even accepted compliments towards the drawing. Once again, I ask you to compare what he subbimted and the original piece. The fact that the  signature was cropped out is reason enough to show his real intentions.

     I have extreme mixed feelings right now, because I LOVE 2NE1 and is great to see them holding my drawing, but really SUCKS it was credited to someone else. TT-TT

    2NE1 - Adriana Melo

    I would really appreciate if this post was reblogged and the news about the art theft get spread. :/

    Thanks(and sorry for the EngRish)

    EVERYONE! PLS REBLOG/RETWEET!! :( this is so unfair…

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