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  2. Monday NYX Haul

    1. My favorite pressed powder - Stay Matte But Not Flat. I have dry skin and can wear it without a primer, so that tells you how silky it is. It goes anywhere from sheer to full coverage and the colors are very natural.image imageimageimage

    2. Illuminator for Face and Body in 01 Narcissistic - a little sparkly, but I like sparkly.  This one is actually a little terra cotta and is probably not suitable for those with cool undertones.




    3. HD Photogenic Concealer in Lavender - Purple correctors are great for bruised- or tired-looking areas that have olive or greenish tints. For those of us who have more yellow or olive skin than others, it works as a highlighter because our skin leans more toward green.

      (on the left of course)
      The palm of my hand is lighter than the top so here it is on that.

    4. Simply Red Lip Cream - a retractable lip crayon. There are four categories in this line, pinks, the vampy shades and cool and warm nudes. This is SR05 Seduction, it’s pretty orangey and I think it would clash with cool undertones.image


    5. NYX BB in BBCR03 Golden - jackpot! The finish and color are great and it doesn’t have that mask-like texture when it sets. I’d say it’s definitely closer to the Korean BBs than any other one I’ve tried in terms of color, coverage and texture. This shade has a slight olive green tint to it which really works well with yellow undertone skin.image


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    There is a story behind these pictures: A fan asked Karam to do a heart like he does in the first pic, but he just couldn’t make it very pretty. Why? Because his jacket was too tight. When he realized, major breakdown happened.

    131214 일산영풍문고 대국남아 팬싸인회 (Karam)


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    131215 DGNA Hongdae Fansigning - Mika

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    1/? - Mika being flawless

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    Do you want your own copy of a DGNA’s 3rd Single Album? Then check them out on Mwave’s Meet&Greet

    Album Info

    PRODUCT: Signed DGNA 3rd Single Album ‘Rilla Go!’ ($16.99) - Signed by all members

    RULES: DGNA members will select 15 out of 49 tiles per mosaic during the online fan meeting, selected 15 will get DGNA Special Badges!! 

    HAPPY HOUR: Signed Polaroid Photo 

    Top 5 Supporters
    Top 1: Polaroid Photo of All members + Special Gift from DGNA! 
    Top 2~5: Polaroid Photo of one member (random)


    Let’s show our love and support!!


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  9. "Many of us had thoughts of whether or not this could be our last chance, our last time together"
    — Do you guys not get it, DGNA has been contemplating disbanding.

  10. "

    “For this return, we really questioned our future and the direction that we needed to head,” said Karam. “We all thought of this as our last time to show people who we are and the music that best represents us.”

    “We have really been struggling emotionally as of late. Many of us had thoughts of whether or not this could be our last chance, our last time together,” Injun added. “This is one of the reasons why we spent a lot more time than normal on producing this new album.”

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